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Monday, March 09, 2009

Away for Genting Highland, from 10/03 - 12/03.
Reach me by my hp, thks! =)

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11:56 PM

Friday, February 13, 2009

It seems ages since I last blogged, and i bet everyone is going to kill me for this. Well, i'm already used to the killings... lol.

Life has been soo busy and tiring, especially for cny. Honestly speaking, I didn't have a break at all during cny. I still have to work on New Year Eve, and only had a day off on CNY day itself. Well, it doesn't seem to be an off-day since i still have to go out and visit relatives. Don't you think that cny is also another kind of sociable kind of activity? It doesn't appear to me in the past, but now, yes!

Restaurant started open on 27th jan (which is 2nd of chinese lunar mth). I worked like hell, and only got to take a short break of 2 hours in between each and every day. This routine lasted till 9th feb, which is the 15th of that chinese lunar mth. The most funny thing was I have class on 初六, which is from 2.30pm till 9.30pm, and i had to skip the 2nd session just to be back for work, since it's short-handed. Can u imagine how busy I am?

enough of my complaints... I was tempted to buy sony ericsson model G705 or G900, because both have the functions that I yearned for, which is the WIFI part. I'm still thinking on which model to buy since my bro has already taken G705, and I don't feel like having the same phone as him. Then you will think I will definitely go for G900, but I still can't deny the fact that G705 is better. It's just a pity that it's a slip-phone, which I would rather prefer "normal" to slip one. Well, it's always that nothing is perfect, and hp is not an exception too. lol. Looks like I have to take a long time to decide on which hp to buy. =X

I saw this moonlight resonance dvd (limited edition) on HK's hmv website months ago. The selling price at then was only HK$599. I was broke that time and thought of buying 1-2 months later. And guess what? The selling price is HK$925 now! More expensive by HK$ 326 bucks. Moreover, I've calculated, with shipping fees included, that would cost around HK$1065. I was stunned... really stunned! How can it become soooo expensive within 2 months time? I phoned my HK friend and asked her to check for me the market price in HK. To my surprise, they still stick to the old pricing of HK$599, and that stupid HMx actually charged a higher price lor! I wouldn't even stupid till buy from that website lah~ But that means i have to make a trip to HK liao.... which I dunno when will that day be? I felt heartache of not purchasing 2 months ago!!!! aww.....

old memories have been filling my mind recently, esp when I saw wenchien posted those pics in the facebook which we took in our olden days. I really missed those days where we joked, teased and suan-ed each other. Though meetup can be a way to bring back the old memories, the feeling is no longer the same. In the past, we were naive and joked innocently, like as if there's no tomorrow for us. But now, the feeling is different. We are using today's perspective to look aback, finding that how innocent we were in the past, and how mature we are now in present... As we laughed at our then ignorance, we are actually becoming more mature. well, Man learns to grow up, aren't we? =)

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5:59 PM

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Michelle finally won the TV Queen of 2008!!! Congrats!
And after sooo many pesters from my friends, i decided to put up the wallpapers & avatars that i've made. Enjoy!

This is what i made for the TVB 41st Lighting Ceremony, for encouraging my fellow Michelle fans and boosting their morale. And i'm glad that all my effort were paid off. =)

A wallpaper of her walking on the red carpet.

This was when she was announced as the winner of Best Actress Award 2008.
The man who hugged her was Adam Cheng. And, it's really a sweet moment indeed!


Well done, Michelle! You done us proud!!!! =)

Random: mugging very hard for F5 subject. F4 has cleared, and i really hope that I can get a decent pass. I'm not expecting too much, just a pass will do. I'm just tired of memorising the sections and definitions of corporate LAW~ it can really drive you mad. No kidding....

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2:26 AM

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

These were taken when I attended a wedding banquet of my cousin (not really a cousin by blood. He's the son of my nanny, whom I always address him as Brother). The man on my right is my Uncle Papa, and the woman on my left is my Auntie Mama (and she's my nanny when I was young)

I remember there was a heavy rain going on that day, and I was soooo lazy to bring an umbrella. My maid asked me to wear on a cap instead, and I really tried on this cap which was bought in HK Disneyland. And I was playful to have this picture taken down =P

I was taking care of my baby niece, Steffie at that moment, and took a picture of us out of boredom. But since the picture of us was sooo blurred that I decided not to put up, and put up mine instead. =P

I was in the car waiting for my bro to bring his dvd player for repair. We were having a lunch meet at a japanese restaurant that day, and were supposed to enjoy ourselves, but the mood was later dampened by Dad's annoying NNN calls.. =( Anyway, the food was nice, just that we waited quite long for the food to come.

Random: Tracy Wong's songs are nice! Her voice is alluring and soothing, that makes one at ease while listening to her songs. Not forgetting to mention, our names are just different by one "e". lols...

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1:07 AM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


MichelleClan has just created a group in youtube, and it's specially dedicated to our one and only, Michelle. The name for that group is Michelle Yim Tubers. Welcome fans who are interested to join us! =)

I've super duper tired recently. Perhaps have to manage between work and school work, and forum work too! And, what a busy lady I am! sigh..

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11:44 PM

Friday, October 03, 2008

She appeared in a pink gown on 30th Sept
Stunning and elegantly
Charming smile, classy hairstyle
She's glamorous
Like an unreachable star
That one has been yearning
To stay near
She's a lady in my heart
Who will stay in there
Eternal and eternally.

the story continues..
2:34 AM

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yesterday, Royal Medic had specially organized a bday party for Michelle. As expected, many reporters were there too, including TVB Entertainment News reporter. Thus, not only it's a fans gathering, but also a party which would be telecasted, making known to the world. Most of my friends went for the party, and enjoyed themselves very very much! Well, how i wish I could be there enjoying myself too ! sobz... my parents don't allow me to attend it... And I was so upset over this... =(

Ok, enough of my complaints.... Let's talk about the happy things about the party!

Guess what?! Michelle love the present we gave her! Aww.....! And the present-giving moment was taken and recorded by the media too!!! What a great surprise I had from my friends! Michelle said the gifts were nicely made, with all our heartfelt concerns and wishes in it! She simply loves them! And yes, I can see it from her expression!!! For a moment, I'm so proud of myself that I made a right choice - making her my idol!!! isn't it?!

These are the gifts that we, "michelleclan" gave her:

Left: That's the case for Michelle's portrait
Right: The portrait was made of the words of blessing from our fans to her. Click on the picture to zoom it, and you'll realize that the outline is all made of wordings! (Well, I spent a total of 24 days in making this portrait, and it's really my fruit of labour!! I was so glad that Michelle is fond of it!)

Left: That's the cover of the little genuine book, which contains our blessings and wishes for Michelle!
Right: The back cover of the book (lols, this took me about 2-3 days to make, hee)

Left: That's the cover of the organiser that we specially made for Michelle. Is the design nice?!
Right: The back cover of the organiser
Bottom: That's the inner page of the organiser. The reporter was impressed by this organiser too! Very nice right?! And I'm proud to say, "it's all done by MICHELLECLAN!" Aren't we terrific?! *million of claps*

Millions of thanks to friends who went for the party, especially Mummy Waiwai who took the pains and effort to carry these gifts from her house to the place. And thanks to Yin who made the organiser and wasted a lot of inks in printing the portraits and genuine book! Thanks to Wen Wen who designed the cover page of the organiser! And thanks to friends and fans who joined us for this special and meaningful events! You guys are simply great!!!

Lols, not forgeting to mention about me, thanks myself for the splendid creativity and idea of coming up with the making of these bday gifts, even though I've forgotten how it came across my mind~~~ =P

Anyway, I'm just happy and excited!!!! Cheers to Michelle and MichelleClan! Yay! I'll put up some video clips later, that features how elated Michelle was when she received the gifts! =P

Can I be proud for this very one time?! hee....

Pls refer to: to view more pictures of the day itself. =)

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6:18 PM